Dandiya Sticks - DS-04

Code : DS-04
Price : US $ 0.80 INR 65.00 (US $ 0.86 / INR 70.00 )
Size : 15"
Weight : 153 Gms.

With Garba becoming a must-have at every occasion, it's time to pick the finest dandiya sticks! Our Satin 2 color dandiya sticks are just what you need. They come in vibrant fabric colors with a touch of gold ribbon for added flair. You have a wide range of color combination options . Elevate your Garba experience with these fantastic and stylish dandiya sticks!

  • What client say about us

    Jay Swaminarayan Ajitbhai, I have spoken to my father who came to see you in Rajkot. Thank you for taking your time to meet him and sorting the remaining bits left. Deena & I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for all of your help throughout the process from start to end. The service you and your company offer is fantastic and would recommend to friends & family. After speaking to my parents, I hear that the invites look wonderful. God bless and every success in your well look after company.
    Deena & Jay

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