Dandiya Sticks - DS-10

Code : DS-10
Price : US $ 1.03 INR 84.00 (US $ 1.11 / INR 90.00 )
Size : 14.25" x 0.5"
Weight : 65 Gms.

Step into the heart of Indian traditions, where every event is a canvas for cheerful celebrations. Among these cultural moments, the happiness of Garba dance reaches its peak. Our dandiya sticks showcase this lively energy. They come in bright, contrasting colors that bring liveliness to each spin and beat. A unique composition, they are meticulously crafted from resilient Aluminium, granting them unwavering strength. Surprisingly light to the touch, these sticks embrace the dance with effortless grace, offering a remarkable fusion of longevity and buoyancy that amplifies the joy of the festivities.

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    Maddie's invites arrived today. They're simply amazing!! I would use your services again in a heartbeat -- you were efficient, fast, and so attentive to the details. And the finished product reflects that.
    Sezelle Haddon
    Tortola (British Virgin Islands)

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