All the Payments are made to MADHURASH CARDS which is OWNER and PROMOTER of

You are warned not to disclose your credit / debit card number or any other information with any employee of our company. It is strongly recommended that under no circumstances you are asked to send credit/debit card details on any email to us. Also on our part, we will not share your credit / debit card information with third parties.

We as a company shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any Transaction, on account of the Cardholder having exceeded the pre-set credit limit.

Here are few things you should know.

Extra charges (other levies of respective country) that may apply over and above our charge.

In some countries, any other levies such as, VAT / GST / PST, Custom duty or some Local taxes are charged on overseas shipments. The amount paid to us will not include these charges or duties or taxes which may be levied at the time of receiving the shipment by the local customs department.

It is not possible to charge these taxes upfront at the time of payment.

If any such charges are applicable in your country, it will be directly billed to you by the respective courier company at the time of delivery or a bill may be sent after the delivery is done. The same has to be paid to the courier company as and when billed.

We are never responsible for this regard.

Exchange Rate Variation
Our site charges only the amount shown on the order page and these charges are based upon the current exchange rate. All due care is taken while providing you with exchange rates, but slight variation may occur from actual rates due to very frequent fluctuations.

Variation in the amount charged on credit card and the amount shown on website payment page.
Amount variation can be due to:
a) Difference in exchange rates: Credit card companies give 1% to 2% lower exchange rate than the prevailing market rates. So sometime it may happen that you pay more than what you should have. But this is because of exchange rate difference.

It is suggested to choose native currency (if available) to make payment so that you do not have to pay the exchange rate difference, but while paying through Paypal, please do not select any other currency other than US $ as to convert currency two times, it deducts charges two times.

b) When credit card issuer bank converts the payment amount sent by us into local currency, a difference arises. This is because most credit card companies charge 1% to 3% as International transaction fees per transaction. Credit card companies show such charge as payment to us but it is actually not.

In case of doubts, please refer exchange rate or cross border fee of the respective credit card company whichever applicable on your credit card. This would give you true picture.

Returns     :
We also understand that there may be certain circumstances, wherein product(s) has to be returned. Return of products is governed by
Return & Refund Policy.

Refunds    :
Refund amount will be mutually agreed settlement for any mistakes which might occur in any order. The REFUND AMOUNT cannot exceed the value of the product in lieu of which refund is being discussed. A formal complain process has to be carried out for refund and this is governed by Return & Refund Policy. If you have any queries about the shopping policy or your dealings with, you can contact:

Customer Relationship Executive
Madhurash Cards


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