Indian Wedding Cards Categories

Hindu Wedding Cards
Wedding is the most sacred social event in the family and everyone wants everything to be just perfect. If it is embarked with the perfect Online Hindu Invitati...
Muslim Wedding Cards
An Islamic wedding also referred to as Nikah is solemnized with an agreement between the bride and the groom to live a cordial life together for all the years t...
Christian Wedding Cards
A Christian wedding, Holy Matrimony, is seen as a sacred covenant between the man (groom), woman (bride) and the almighty God. The moment they are joined togeth...
Sikh Wedding Cards
Anand Karaj, a Sikh wedding ceremony is a blissful union of two individuals. In the wedding, couple vows to pursue the spiritual aim of merging the souls with ...
Fabric Wedding Cards
Fabric Wedding Invitations Giving your wedding invitations an enriched look that you so desire can be a daunting task. To make your invitations mirror the art ...
Multi-faith Invitations
Multi-faith Wedding Invitations Love knows no religion and thus interfaith weddings have become a common occurrence in modern India. When you are planning to g...
Custom Wedding Cards
Customized Wedding Invitations Customization is the newest trend of decor. With the help of customized ideas, you can breathe an air of unconventionality into ...
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Stock Clearance Wedding Invitation Cards at affordable and Cheap rates
Unique Wedding Cards
One stop solution of Exclusive Wedding Cards and stationery. Chose from large collection of Indian Wedding Cards, wedding invitations. Customized designing opti...
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