Acrylic Wedding Invites - AWI-10153

Code : AWI-10153
Price : US $ 1.97 INR 160.00 (US $ 2.29 / INR 186.00 )
Size : 5" x 8"
Weight : 108 Gms.
Orientation : Portrait
Paper : Acrylic & Matte Card

Introducing our exquisite acrylic invitation card, exuding elegance with its crystal-clear design. The captivating leaf motif in rose gold, skillfully crafted using innovative MGI printing technology, adds a touch of sophistication. Personalize your invitation further by selecting an envelope color that perfectly complements your desired theme or aesthetic. Prepare to dazzle your guests with this irresistibly attractive invitation, suitable for any occasion.

Note: Minimum quantity should be 100 Pcs.

  • What client say about us

    The kankotris are amazing, amazing, amazing!! Everyone is well pleased. Thank you very much. Hope you are able to promote the photos concept more pro-actively: Its potential is probably under-recognised. It could increase your revenues, to offer the "wow" factor for your customers and become a USP for your marketing. Kind regards....
    Shashi Tanna

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