Traditional Toran


Traditional Toran - Welcome Prosperity with Contemporary Torans

Golden roses hanging from golden beaded threads are the ideal decor for your door during special occasions and festive seasons. Torans have a traditional significance in our country and are known to welcome prosperity and happiness into the home. Opt for a chic toran with beads, sequins, crystals, pearls, etc. and reinvent tradition in your home.

Though conventionally people made torans from real flowers and leaves, the hanging toran has now got a facelift and has become classier. At our online store, they are available in various forms, colors, materials and designs, giving you a plethora of options to choose from for your special occasion.

Significance of Traditional Torans

Designer door torans are preferred compared to the traditional real ones as they can be reused at home. Many families splurge on decorative torans as it is a sign of good luck for temples and homes. During the wedding season and festive season, torans are highly popular and due to their good luck charm, they are a great gifting item as well.

Innovation Drives Designs

People are now looking to buy traditional torans with a modern touch. Thus, silk materials, beads, sequins, golden work and shimmers are in high demand. Everyone wants their home to look elite and classy and thus, they tend to buy traditional toran online where they can find countless varieties and designs.

At, we assist you in finding the perfect toran for your home or any occasion. We offer a range of affordable and elegant torans that can be delivered anywhere across the globe.

Buy your torans from our online store and welcome happiness in your home and life!


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