Custom Wedding Cards - CZC-9204

Code : CZC-9204
Price : US $ 2.88 INR 234.00
Size : 9.75" x 5"
Weight : 200 Gms.
Orientation : Landscape
Paper : MDF and Craft Card

Experience the beauty of our MDF invites and exquisite craft cards adorned with intricate leafy designs throughout. Below this pattern lies a round space, a canvas where the couple's names can be engraved for a personalized touch. Complementing this elegance are matching craft inserts and a craft envelope, imparting a unique dimension to the wooden invitation card. Prepare to be captivated by this truly woven masterpiece.

Note: Minimum quantity should be 200 pcs.

  • What client say about us

    Well I loved them, it was very professional work!!! and they are beautiful!!!! My friends loved them. Also, the service was excellent!!
    Anna Martinez Alvarez
    Tortola (British Virgin Islands)

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