Thread Ceremony Invitations


Thread Ceremony Invite - A Holy Celebration

Usually performed by Hindu Brahmans, the thread ceremony holds a lot of importance in the Indian culture. It marks the second birth of a boy when he starts his spiritual journey, usually at the age between 10 and 12.

During this ceremony, a sacred thread - Janoi is hung over the left shoulder of the boy and he usually wears it for a lifetime. It is one of the most sacred and happy occasions in the life of a young boy.

Planning a Thread Ceremony

If you are planning a thread ceremony for your child, make it royal and memorable so that it becomes an unforgettable event in his lifetime. When looking for thread invitation cards, trust for the best traditional and customized card designs.

We offer a complete range of designs and symbols that truly mark this holy special occasion. Our thread invitation card will become a beautiful part of your little boy's special day and be a grand memory forever.

Online Invitations

We offer a range of thread ceremony invitation cards that suit all kinds of celebrations. Whether you want an authentic and holy card or a modern twist to the ceremonial invite, you can buy thread invitation cards from anywhere in the world using our website.

Buy online thread invitation cards to create a strong impact for the event and let your boy know how special he is. You can also place last minute orders and have them easily delivered at your doorstep!

There is no better way to start a journey of learning and spiritual bliss than a ceremonial card that welcomes your friends and family to this grand event.

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