Top 10 Creative and Most Beautiful Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitations cards

Planning for any event now a day is as important as the event itself, reason why a lot of people go for professional event planners maybe.

Nothing must be left out; every tiny detail must be attended to. However, before the preparations get into full swing, a lot of things must have been initially taken care of.

Invitation cards must have been sent to all invited guests, this simple detail might say a lot about the ultimate turnout on the day of the occasion.

We will be going through the top 10 creative and most beautiful invitation cards for any occasion below.

1. Customized Hardbound Invite

Customized Hardbound Invite

This is a rich and unique design that will surely captivate anyone who gets it. It has a bright red color and an exquisite velvet finish for perfection. It comes with EP names beautifully designed on it.

2. Customized Satin Invitation Cards

Customized Satin Invite

A satin-made invite that is delicately designed close to perfection. This invite is MDF attached and laser cut with a landscape orientation. It is covered in the front with a sophisticated EP design and enveloped in metallic paper box.

3. Customized Imported Metallic Invite

Customized Imported Metallic Invite

A square-shaped invite styled in hardbound and made of imported metallic paper. The design is top-notch and has printing on it. It’s astonishingly unique and eye-catching.

4. Customized Bag-shaped Invite

Customized Bag-shaped Invite

This particular invite is an artistic customized invite that looks stunning to the eyes. It is made of imported metallic paper and also of fabric of the highest quality. It is shaped square with a very bright color.

5. Luxury Invitation Cards

5. Luxury Invite

The Luxury Kappa and Metallic board invite is a magnificently designed invite that is credited for its luxurious looks like a tempting fruit box. It has a square form and wrapped in rich Satin fabric.

At the center is a red gem and two decorative diamond studded Peacocks. It comes with two customizable inserts which can be built according to requirements.

6. Royal Scroll Wedding Invite

Royal Scroll Invite

An elegant classic scroll card, portrait shaped and designed in fabric. It takes us back to the ancient Roman days and is best suited for weddings. It comes with a perfectly shaped golden case.

Both the scroll and the case are in imported metallic sheet box-envelope to give it a flamboyant look.

7. Octagon Metallic Invite Cards

 Octagon Metallic Invite

Octagon-shaped metallic birthday invitation with sweet flowery prints on the top. It is designed to open up like a lotus and cool die cuts inserts. It is customizable to different colors and designs.

8. Leafy Invite Cards

 Leafy Invite

Shaped like a leaf, this tiny invitation card is made of metallic textured paper. The envelope complements the invite perfectly and it has two inserts knotted with a tassel. It looks quite unique.

9. Baby Shower Invite

Baby Shower Invite

It has the shape of the leg of a cute baby and this makes it perfectly designed for the occasion. It is made of imported metallic paper and has the picture of an animated baby designed on it. It is the perfect baby shower invite!

10. Bar and Bat-Mitzvah Invite

10. Bar and Bat-Mitzvah Invite

Another stunning invite with octagon shape and a lotus design concept. It comes with a converse envelope and has inserts which spruce up.

The envelope and every petal are covered in damask prints which makes it a colorful choice. You can customize into any design and shape of your choice.

Let us know which one you like most in comment….

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