Indian Wedding Invitation Trend – Giving Insight of Your Wedding Day

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There are many types of Indian trends to choose from when making a decision for a wedding card. One of the first few decisions a couple has to make regarding their wedding is the type of invitations to send to their friends and family. Such wedding invitation will give your guests an insight to the wedding day.

Indian marriages are different from western type of wedding, the Indian wedding invitations comes with plenty design declaring the whole process to the guest. The details of the wedding program are seen in the wedding card as well as the timing.

Almost all the wedding invitation card comes with the picture of the Lord Ganapathi or Lord Ganesha attached to it. The wedding invitation cards are sent out separately by the bride and groom to their respective guest. There are many trends to choose from when selecting an India wedding invitation. Some are listed below

Embellished card

This type of cards is bejeweled with Swarovski crystals, laces, pearls or rhinestones to make a beautiful luxurious invitation card.  They are kind of expensive though. Other popular embellishments are the gold and silver embellished cards.

Concept Wedding Cards

These cards consist of a concept, such as that of a fair or a mela. They are also very expensive and often require skilled labor to make.

Couture Texture cards

This type of card can be design with the couture fabric and cloth which is attached on wood or cardboard.  These fabrics typically match the attire of the wedding party, thereby giving the guests a preview of the wedding day.

Vintage Regalia

These ancient brocaded, vintage art, textile printed and old classical design has come back again. The style is inspired by the regal style, British Raj, palatial architecture and also the jewelry of the Nizams.

Cards with Couplets and Scriptures

Couplets from the scriptures are written on the card in other to keep away the evil spirits in the Indian tradition. The Indians believed that Lord Ganesha is to be remembered before a new beginning, so he can bestow his blessings on the couple and make their marriage a success.

Other type of trend includes monogram cards, boxed card, two invitation cards, envelop designed card etc.

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